crash on 2 gig file

Brian K. White brian at
Mon Jun 16 11:13:36 EST 2003

Hi, I'm still waiting for my list subscription but if I don't send in this
bug report now I won't for who-knows-how-long and I want to get it in....

I'm using 2.5.6 compiled from
cvs on SCO Open Server 5.0.6
bothe machines are the same version of OS and the same copy of rsync.

on my live machine one of the database files eventually got to be 2 gigs
the file has since then been archived and reset to 0

I'm rsyncing  two different backup machines against the live machine every

the 2 gig file grew to 2 gigs on the backup machines, but now, the rsync
job is crashing every night on this file on both machines and half the
files have not been getting updated for the last few months. We only
noticed it recently.

so to summarize the bug:
file on LIVE is 0 bytes
file on BACKUP is 2 gigs

on BACKUP you run:
  rsync -az --delete LIVE:/u/appl /u

causes all files in the list before the 2gig file to update, nothing else.

Of course I manually fixed the problem by deleteing the 2gig file from the
backup machines and so tonights rsync should re-create the 0-byte versions
and update the other files no problem, but I just wanted to log the bug.


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