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Brian K. White brian at
Fri Jun 13 23:08:51 EST 2003

Recently hit a problem
rsync 2.5.6 protocol 26 from cvs a few months ago
(why does current cvs still say 2.5.6 yet protocol 27?)
built on sco open server 5.0.6

doing some nightly backups of some huge trees.
some of the files appraoch 2 gigs
one file in particular did reach 2 gigs on the live machine and was 
archived and reset to 0 bytes on the live machine a month ago.
no one noticed until recently, but the nightly rsync on the backup machine 
was incomplete for the last month. some files get updated, every night, 
and some never change at all.
turned on -v in my cron job and found the file it was crashing on the next 
day by seeing what's the last file in the job that did go.

long story short:
the file on the backup machine was 2 gigs, the same file on the live 
machine was 0 bytes, and rsync, running on the backup machine always 
crashed when it hit that 2 gig file.

of course all I had to do was delete the 2gig file but I just wanted to 
report the finding.


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