-u updating too liberally

Jesse F. Hughes jesseh at cs.kun.nl
Tue Jun 10 21:58:20 EST 2003

Hey ho.

I apologize for what must be a stupid question, but I couldn't find
any relevant posts in the archives.

I want a daily backup of my home directory to another machine.
Because I never delete any file, no matter how bloody useless, my home
directory is inordinately large.  So, it is important that I only back
up those files that really need to be backed up.

Here is the command I have been playing with.

  rsync -Cavuz -e ssh /home/ twoface:/backups/pw/home/

However, it seems I am mis-using the -u option, or something.  For
instance, when I add the -n option, rsync reports that it will update 


But, I see locally and on twoface, resp.:

-rw-r-----    1 jesse    users       72887 Nov 12  2002
-rw-r-----    1 1000     users       72887 Nov 12  2002

So, it looks like Horn.tex should *not* be copied to twoface.  It is

As far as I can tell, *every* file is marked for update to twoface.
This is so even if I touch a file on twoface, so that it is much more
recent than the corresponding file on the local machine.  It's as if I
have the -I option invoked somehow.

What am I doing wrong?

Jesse Hughes
"I often told you of the dangers of hubris, and most importantly of
all, I TOLD you that I wanted to change the institution of mathematics
worldwide."  -- James Harris, on the evils of pride

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