state of the rsync nation? (revisited 6/2003 from 11/2000)

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Jun 10 14:25:05 EST 2003

On  8 Jun 2003, Donovan Baarda <abo at> wrote:

> The "next big thing" in delta calculation is probably going to be the
> vcdiff encoding format, which should allow a common delta format for
> various applications and supports "self-referencing delta's", which
> makes it capable of compression. According to the xdelta project this
> has already been implemented, and I'm keen to see Josh's code, as it
> could be used as the basis for a cleanup/replacement of at least the
> "patch" component of librsync.

Do you have a link for this?  Josh plays his cards pretty close to his
chest.  The XDelta page seems to be even more inactive than librsync


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