rsync and cygwin

cbarratt at cbarratt at
Sun Jun 8 09:24:37 EST 2003

> On Sat, Jun 07, 2003 at 05:36:03PM -0500, Trey Nolen wrote:
> > Hmm....This backup server is handling backup jobs from about a dozen other
> > machines -- all but three are Linux. The other three are Windows 2000
> > servers running Cygwin.  Two of those are not working (giving the error).
> > The backup machine has other duties, too, and has not had any issues. The
> > uptime is great, and the performance has been fine.

Another thing to try is the --blocking-io or --no-blocking-io options.
It's not too likely this will help (since some of your cygwin boxes work
ok), but it is still worth a try.  This was an issue on older Solaris
versions because of problems with their ssh.

I've also found rsync over ssh on cygwin is not fully reliable.  On
the other hand, rsyncd on cygwin has been highly reliable for me.  So
if all else fails you could run rsyncd as a WinXX service (assuming
you initiate the connection from the backup server rather than the
other way around).


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