rsync and cygwin

Trey Nolen tnolen at
Sun Jun 8 01:49:03 EST 2003

I had sent a message to the list earlier this week detailing an error
message I am getting using rsync on Cygwin on Windows 2000.  I have now
duplicated the problem on another windows 2000 server. I have a third server
on which the process works, so I don't really know what is going wrong.  All
three servers are rsyncing to the same Linux server.  Below is the original
question. Any help would be appreciated.

The error is this:

Invalid file index <some number> (count=<some number>)
rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at sender.c (135)

The command line I'm using to start this is:
c:\cygwin\bin\rsync -aR -e
c\cygwin\bin\ssh.exe -v --numeric-ids --exclude-from=/cydrive/c/ssh/rsync-ex
cludes.txt --dry-run --delete --delete-after /cygdrive/c root at

rsync-excludes.txt  contains things like:

At first I thought that maybe my file list was getting too long, but I
changed my excludes so that I had a file list that I knew was short enough
and I still get the error. I get the error on different files depending on
what I have excluded, but if I run the same command twice,  I get the error
in the exact same spot.  Thanks in advance for any help.

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