finding files on remote rsync servers

Gavin Chester gc at
Fri Jun 6 19:22:09 EST 2003

On Fri, 2003-06-06 at 16:00, jw schultz wrote:


> > 
> > Still haven't worked out this one - why might a site be setup with the
> > files I want in the FTP archive, but not available for rsync from that
> > same server - or am I not looking in the right places on that server?  


> My point is that there may be any number of reasons, some
> of which may be good ones, for what seems odd to you.
> What you might try in such a case is to email the server
> admin, or webmaster (look for appropriate contact info on
> the service greetings or the hompage) and ask about rsync
> for the archives that interest you.  Most admins will
> respond favorably to feedback that doesn't insult them.
> It shows them that someone actually appreciates what they
> _are_ doing.
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Thanks for that explanation.  I *suspected* that what you explained was
the likely reason, but was thinking that there might be something I was
missing in my use of rsync.  I'll try contacting the admin as you
suggest, though wish me luck being one person asking that of an
anonymous FTP mirror :-)  

	Gavin Chester

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