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On Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 03:41:49PM +0800, Gavin Chester wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 15:31, Gavin Chester wrote:
> I've satisfied *some* of my confusion by trial and error (see below),
> but need to be pointed in the right direction for a suitable tutorial or
> such to solve the rest of my rsync mystery. Thanks.  
> <snip>
> > 1/ if I can find a file(s) that I want in the FTP archives of a mirror
> > site - and that site *appears* to be running the rsync server daemon -
> > then I should be able to use rsync on those files.  Is that so?
> > 
> Still haven't worked out this one - why might a site be setup with the
> files I want in the FTP archive, but not available for rsync from that
> same server - or am I not looking in the right places on that server?  

Why would a site have files served by FTP that aren't also
served by HTTP?  The reason for establishing an FTP, HTTP or
rsync service may markedly differ from the reason for the
other services.  For that simple reason they may not even
have considered having rsync also serve the same files they
serve via FTP or HTTP.

Aside from that rsync places a much greater per-connection
load on the sender than does FTP.  They might not wish to
provide rsync services to some areas.  With FTP the CPU load
is minimal and even the disk load is limited by the
bandwidth of the upstream connection.  I don't necessarily
agree with this given the relative cost of CPU vs. network
but if your web server suddenly goes slow or OOMs due to
rsync it may be easier to restrict rsync access than get a
purchase request through.

My point is that there may be any number of reasons, some
of which may be good ones, for what seems odd to you.

What you might try in such a case is to email the server
admin, or webmaster (look for appropriate contact info on
the service greetings or the hompage) and ask about rsync
for the archives that interest you.  Most admins will
respond favorably to feedback that doesn't insult them.
It shows them that someone actually appreciates what they
_are_ doing.

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