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Thu Jun 5 16:48:33 EST 2003

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 11:43:20AM +0530, Anand wrote:
> Hi
> I use rsync as a client to copy a directory structure from a remote
> server, once every month.
> Until a few weeks ago, we had direct access to the internet - and the way
> it would work is that the guy maintaining the rsync server would add my
> machine's IP to an access list and I would run the rsync command from my
> machine.
> Recently however, our network was 'upgraded' to a NAT system. I do not
> know what exactly that means - but in effect, the remote rsync server
> cannot see my computer's IP address anymore. I use a 'proxy' server to
> connect to the internet.
> Can someone tell me how I can continue rsyncing from the remote server in
> this setup ?

Nat can go two ways.  You could ask the guy to assign a port
that would be forwarded to the appropriate port on your
machine.  Or you can use ssh with port forwarding which will
be much easier to keep operational.

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