rsync off file list

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Wed Jun 4 19:44:09 EST 2003

	.:. hello!

	i'm wondering if anyone has a cron script or something that
	backs up files off a list. i've included such a list in this
	e-mail. it is to mirror the directory structure with a dir
	named after its hostname as the root directory. then perhaps
	tgz:ed and perhaps gpg encrypted? talk about fancy script!

	since i've failed finding a decent configuration file manager
	in freebsd i've just written down path/to/files of all my
	important configuration files hoping that some day that list
	will be used.

	the reason for this---i'm upgrading my network to technology
	release 5.0 of freebsd and hence a total redo.

	can anyone help me out?

	.:. thanks!


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