Local copy (root to mounted subdir) wanted - protocol error in io.c

Viktor Horvath duke586 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 3 19:35:48 EST 2003

Hello everybody,

maybe someone has also had this issue:

I try to copy the root partition "/" to a subdir "/Volumes/System". This is 
not a cyclic recursion, because "/Volumes/System" is a mounted hard disk 
partition. So I gave rsync the parameters "-x" for one-file-system, and 
'--exclude "/Volumes/" ' also:

# rsync -ax --showtogo --stats --exclude "/Volumes/" / /Volumes/System

But I get a protocol error (broken pipe) in io.c. When copying all the 
subdirectories manually, everything works, so I think he tries toa void a 
cyclic copy.

(I'm using rsync 2.5.5, or rather rsyncx 1.7d, a special version for Mac OS 
X.  I've booted the computer from a FireWire harddisk, and I try to clone 
that boot partition to the local harddrive already having many of the 

If someone has made a local copy like this - with or without success - I'd 
be thankful for an answer.

Have a nice day,

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