Minor problem with unwritable directories

Assar Westerlund assar at kth.se
Sun Jun 1 13:42:00 EST 2003

Elijah P Newren <newren at math.utah.edu> writes:
> Yes, I understand that.  But why can't rsync go back and set the
> modification time (and anything else that might be necessary)
> appropriately so that an exact mirror is created instead of an
> approximate one?

That's what it does.  What makes you think that the copy is not
exact?  The reason that second rsync is printing out those directories
is that the second rsync is also doing the same double setting of
directory permission.  It doesn't know that there are no files that
need to be created.  You could re-write the code so that it only
changes the permission on the directory when it needs to create a file
there, but that would be some amount of work.

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