New wildmatch code in CVS

jw schultz jw at
Thu Jul 31 19:40:29 EST 2003

On Sat, Jul 05, 2003 at 04:12:15PM -0700, Wayne Davison wrote:
> If you've been watching CVS, you may have noticed that I checked in some
> new files named wildmatch.c and wildmatch.h.  This code implements the
> shell-style wildcard matching with rsync's extension that "**" matches a
> "/" but "*" and "?" does not.  I have also checked in a new test module
> which has allowed me to test a few things on all the machines in our
> build farm.  One thing I discovered is that the various fnmatch() calls
> all seem to handle the character-class boundary cases in conflicting
> ways (things like "[]-]").  So, one benefit for rsync of switching from
> fnmatch to wildmatch will be to make the callers of this function behave
> consistently on all platforms (which primarily affects the exclude
> code).
> I've currently got the wildmatch code fully implemented and optimized,
> and it is looking good so far.  Use of it in rsync itself has not yet
> been checked into CVS, but I'm using it on my systems.
> Anyone have any concerns or comments on switching over to this new code?
> Also, if anyone has some good test cases for wildcard matching, it would
> be good to make the wildmatch test suite even more comprehensive than it
> already is.

I see you have make the transition.

I've built it and will start using it today.  So far it
looks good.

The only negative i have at this point is that i don't like
the indentation.  Don't let that trouble you, i can
understand why you went with a 4 char shiftwidth.  I only
noticed it because you were the last person to touch
backup.c which had converted tabs into spaces and had
indentation errors and other whitespace (or lack thereof)
yuckiness and i thought it might have been an editor thing.

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