Mirroring OS X folders with Rsync

Martin Langhoff ml at nzl.com.ar
Thu Jul 31 09:59:57 EST 2003

What filesystem are you using? If you are using HFS or HFS+ I suggest 
you give UFS a try because it all the filesystem semantics are what unix 
tools expect. While I haven't seen your specific problem, I am sure 
there are quite a few situations where rsync and other unix tools will 
be confused on HFS.

Additionally, HFS and HFS+ store resource forks that rsync (and scp, 
amanda, tar, etc) won't see -- therefore your files are likely to be 
incomplete after being transferred with rsync or any other unix-level 

If you are using UFS, then the resource forks will be transferred ok, 
because MacOSX will store them as hidden files instead of resource forks 
(or data streams, as they are known in the Win32 world).



Adam Behn wrote:

>I'm just looking for some advice on a project I am currently working on.
>I have two OS X servers and I am looking to use rsync to mirror data between
>the two. I just love the fact that rsync only moves the data incrementally.

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