Mirroring OS X folders with Rsync

Adam Behn abehn at wxc.com
Thu Jul 31 02:22:58 EST 2003

I'm just looking for some advice on a project I am currently working on.

I have two OS X servers and I am looking to use rsync to mirror data between
the two. I just love the fact that rsync only moves the data incrementally.
It is very efficient and since I'm more of a Linux user and I feel
comfortable with rsync. I'm just worried that the way the Apple File Sharing
service handles files from the OS 9 machines is causing rsync to hang while
rsync is trying to do it's diff on the files.
Server A has data being placed on the server constantly, from OS 9 clients,
and then those files are to be moved to server B. The script is running on
server B and is not being run from cron. It kicks off rsync and then a
script to change permissions of the files so clients have access to them.
After both have run the script sleeps for 120 seconds. Plus the script is
run as root.
Unfortunately it seems rsync catches files being copied from the OS 9
clients to the OS X server and hangs. I'm wondering if rsync doesn't see any
file locking by the Apple Fileserver?

Has anyone else run into this? Any Suggestions? Do know of a more efficient

I'm all ears!

Thanks in Advance,


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