Slow rsync Performance

Jose Binoj binoj_com at
Thu Jul 31 02:10:49 EST 2003

Hi all,
I know this subject is extensively discussed on the mail list but I did not 
get the solution yet..

I have a server running RedHat Linux 7.2 (2 CPU, 4 Gb RAM) and 6 client 
machines running RedHat linux 7.1 ( 1 cpu(2Ghz),512 Mb RAM ). I am backing 
up the client machine every 15 minutes since these machines generates 
important data. I am using rsync as a cron job on the server to backup these 
clients over ssh. It worked fine with a 5 Gb total, 100,000 files. But after 
that the time it takes to sync increased from 3 min to 12 min and now I have 
700,000 files and it takes around 18 min.
The clients are in the same LAN. My problem is during rsync my client 
machines is very slow and it even locks up. Assuming the number of files 
remains 700,000 is there any better solution to this problem? Does running 
as a daemon increase performance on the client machine?
The file directory structure in the clients machine remains relatevely 


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