Please advise (web page replication in Linux)

Bhattacharyya, Somraj 02008937 at
Wed Jul 30 23:25:01 EST 2003

I am working on a project of replication and need to know about few
options related to web page replication in Red Hat linux/Apache
enviornment. I am new in Linux.

The scenario:
I have two apache servers running on RH Linux-8 boxes. One of my web
server is the master server( and I want to make the other
one as a replica( of the master one. So, I need to
replicate the web pages automatically. Right now the servers are within
a same network but I have a plan to place them into two different
networks in future.
Please note I am not particulary looking for a data (database related)
to replicate but the web pages. Like html files.

Is Rsync is capable to do this job ? Please give me some idea.


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