Large files and symlinks

Tim Shaw tim at
Wed Jul 30 22:48:09 EST 2003


I'm mirroring a single server to multiple clients. Currently I'm using 
scp, but I (think I) want to use rsync.

The files I'm mirroring are large - c.4GB (video data)

Each client has a different set of these files.

The transfer is done over the internet, and may fail (regularly!).

I set up a separate directory for each client, and put in symlinks to 
the actual files (maximum 35 per client). There is only one copy of each 
file on the server (for obvious reasons). This changes weekly(ish).

I think I want to use --partial and --copy-links (or 
--copy-unsafe-links) among other things ... but I'm a little concerned 
about what I've read about the --partial option. From my reading, it 
appears that, if the connection fails, the *source* file gets truncated. 
Am I correct in this interpretation?

If I am correct, a failed connection to the client will cause the file 
on the server to be corrupted - and the next client will get the corrupt 
file. This strikes me as odd behaviour - which is why I'm questioning my 
interpretation of the --partial option.

Also, I think I should be issuing per-file rsync's to minimise the setup 
time. This is not a problem as the commands are generated anyway. Is 
this correct?

Any suggestions gratefully received.



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