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Sat Jul 26 04:28:44 EST 2003

On Fri, Jul 25, 2003 at 03:26:15PM +0200, Ralph wrote:
> Help!
> i like to use rsync  'version 2.5.5  protocol version 26'
> to sync some Volumes over the Network.
> The Plan:
> At some day there will be a FileServer called 'fileserver' 
> (the Master)  and a FileServer called 'Yesterday' 
> 'Yesterday' will always have the last night status from the 
> 'fileserver' without any write access. So if the 
> fileserver fails or user delete there files (more likely) 
> there just login to 'Yesterday' and have there last day 
> Files with read-only access.
> (there is more behind it but let me keep it simple fore 
> now)

And another server with day-befor-yesterday and so on.
There are better ways.  See Mike Rubel's rsync snapshot
paper, rlbackup or dirvish.

> The Problem:
> rsync shows me 
> >> send_files failed to open : No such file or directory
> >> unexpected tag 25
> and stops copying after some Volumes are done.
> it looks to me like rsync has some troubles with the Mac 
> and MacOSX file and folder format.

That may be.  I have difficulty imagining what could be
causig this but a little investigation on your part should
be able to identify the file causing problems.

There have been several problems with OSX.  Search the
mailing list archives.

> can someone give me some help on this?

Unfortunately, none of the OSX problems that require much
debugging have happened to anyone capable of doing their own
compile.  There are clearly strangnesses in OSX but no rsync
developer has OSX machines so our OSX support is limited.

The first thing you need to do is upgrade.  At your problem
is simply one of usage the current release, 2.5.6, would be
fine.  But 2.5.6 was released over six months ago and many
changes have been made since then so if you are experiencing
any serious problem that upgrade needs to be to CVS.  If you
can't build your own from CVS you wouldn't be able to take
advantage of a bug fix anyway.

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