rsync on cygwin is hanging

Jeff Hedlund jeff.hedlund at
Tue Jul 22 10:30:52 EST 2003

jw schultz wrote:
> It looks like the rsync server on cygwin is failing to
> return from a write to stdout.
> I know (from prior offline discussion) you are using ssh key
> based command restriction via a wrapper script on the linux
> rsync servers.  Are you using a ssh key based command
> restriction here as well?  You don't mention that anywhere
> in this email.

I am using an authorized_key, but no command restriction on the windows

> If you are running rsync via a wrapper script does the
> script exec the rsync command or run it as a child process?

No wrapper script.  So rsync is a child of the ssh process.

> Ahh, write didn't complete.  We have an i/o error outside of rsync.

Where do I go from here?  I did an strace of the cygwin ssh process on
another rsync (same command), here are the last few lines:

   238 1848347 [main] sshd 1668 peek_socket: considering handle 0x10
   189 1848536 [main] sshd 1668 peek_socket: adding read fd_set
/dev/tcp, fd 4
   218 1848754 [main] sshd 1668 peek_socket: WINSOCK_SELECT returned 0
   593 1849347 [main] sshd 1668 select_stuff::poll: returning 1
   199 1849546 [main] sshd 1668 select_stuff::cleanup: calling cleanup
   188 1849734 [main] sshd 1668 select_stuff::~select_stuff: deleting
select records
   662 1850396 [main] sshd 1668 set_process_mask: old mask = 0, new mask
= 80000
   192 1850588 [main] sshd 1668 set_process_mask: old mask = 80000, new
       mask = 0
   200 1850788 [main] sshd 1668 writev: writev (7, 0x22F500, 1)
   191 1850979 [main] sshd 1668 fhandler_base::write: binary write


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