Threading, python2.2 and zombie

Paolo Andreetto paolo at
Wed Jul 16 23:28:13 EST 2003


My problem is quite simple: my python application is multithreading and 
calls rsync from inside a thread, using ssh as tunnel. Unfortunately 
python2.2 support for multithreading is not fully compliant with signal 
handling so when application runs it hangs up.
I see that in main.c you use two processes into do_recv, one of these 
processes is killed by SIGUSR2. This synchronization doesn't work well
with python2.2, so I substitute the sleep/kill synchro with semaphore 
synchro. Application doesn't hang up but an error occur in io_flush.

Is there any kind of reason to use sleep/kill synchronization? Maybe, it 
is usefull to flush data?

My patch is available at

Paolo Andreetto

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