Rebuilding rsync to define HAVE_OFFSET64_T

Leaw, Chern Jian chern.jian.leaw at
Mon Jul 14 21:22:02 EST 2003

I'm currently using rsync version 2.4.4  protocol version 24 on a HP11.0, Solaris 8 and Redhat 7.1 platforms. In my earlier posting, I asked about the problem on "Value too large to be stored in data type" when transferring files which are >= 2GB in size., i.e. 

building file list ... global/FCSI/WP_RLS05/rundir/wp_celtic_max_fullwarn.tcl.log: Value too large to be stored in data type

Could anyone kindly show me how I could rebuild the rsync version above, which I already have it running on my platforms, to be using stat64? which options do I need to specify when rebuilding rsync? 

Any help/guide would indeed be appreciated. 


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