PATCH/RFC: Another stab at the Cygwin hang problem

Tillman, James JamesTillman at
Mon Jul 14 21:03:23 EST 2003

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> Subject: Re: PATCH/RFC: Another stab at the Cygwin hang problem

> > Anyhow, just to let you know.  If you're happy tidying
> > up and refining the patch yourself, please go ahead. If
> > you want to me to do anything, or have any comments on
> > what I've done, I'd appreciate an email.  However I
> > will try to follow the rsync list for the next few
> > weeks at least.
> As i said earlier, i intuit you are on to something with
> this patch.  If you care to clean it up that would be good.
> I would rather someone experiencing the hangs do the fix.
> That tends to reduce the cycle times.

I'm willing to help test if someone sends improvements on Anthony's original
patch to list.  The original has been working great for my own purposes so
far.  I realized when I started using it that I was being a little hasty,
but my own situation required quicker action than is usually recommended.
The risks were worth it, apparently.

What I'm most interested in seeing is a real fix for this hang problem
(Anthony's or someone else's) incorporated into an rsync release sometime in
the near future so that I don't have to retain the patch code and special
instructions for reinstalling my own running system.


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