PATCH/RFC: Another stab at the Cygwin hang problem

Tillman, James JamesTillman at
Wed Jul 9 20:47:35 EST 2003

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> Subject: Re: PATCH/RFC: Another stab at the Cygwin hang problem
> > I can't quite place why but my instincts inform me that you
> > have latched onto something.  Some sort of one character
> > buffering error in the io libraries under cygwin.  Most
> > likely in the windos libs.
> > 
> > Well, we have two reports of this fixing the rsync hang
> > problem when signals failed.  I'd like a little more testing
> > before mainlining it.
> Nope!  This is a no-go.  It intermittantly produces
> 	error (10) -- error in socket IO
> on both network and local transfers.

I guess I'd better double check my processes to make sure that I'm getting a
satisfactory success rate on my own servers.  If I see any clues, I'll
report them here.  Any hope for a fix, or does this look like an inherent
problem in the method being used?


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