rsync freezing when using -c on many files.

jw schultz jw at
Wed Jul 2 14:52:24 EST 2003

On Tue, Jul 01, 2003 at 08:09:57PM -0700, Matt E wrote:
> Hello All!
> I'm trying to copy files from one hard drive to
> another.  Since I care about them being copied
> correctly, I've done this:
> rsync -ac /source /dest

That only forces the file selection to checksum confirming
that the previous copy was correct.  All file transfers are
checksummed regardless.

> This took a very long time.

Of course.  That is what the manpage warns.

> Increasing the verbosity I see that the process seems
> to hang after processing a few hundred files (while
> building the file list).
> Looking at the output it seems like after 348 files
> the processes freezes, and never finishs the call to
> the 348th make_file.
> Any idea what's going on here?

No.  It is the probably the specific file.  It is also
unlikely that the processes are actually frozen.  Run it under

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