Question regarding exclude and invalid arg messages

Morten Primdahl morten at
Tue Jul 1 05:42:21 EST 2003

>>Ah, I'm not running an rsync server, so I haven't run configure
>>(pardon my poor initial explanation again).
> I'm talking about the build procedure.  If rsync was correctly
> built we should not be seeing an "mkstemp _pathname_ failed:
> invalid argument" message where the pathname does not end
> with ".XXXXXX".

Ok, thanks. I'd been using the RPM version that ships w. RH, and later
and RPM built from the source RPM for 2.5.6. I've now downloaded the
source from the rsync site, configured, make and make install.

Tried to enable -vvv but this makes rsync hang on the same file each

make_file(4,2001_12_Villa_OpNed/08_Projekt/10 Diverse/MDF_model.psd)

This is a 9 meg file. Before that, lots of make_file requests have
succeeded. When running with -vvv I noticed that there were only 2 rsync
processes, whereas without -vvv there are 3. Using strace on the two
processes (running -vvv) shows that they're both experiencing timeouts,
select(2, NULL, [1], NULL, {60, 0}) = 0 (Timeout)

Does this ring a bell to anyone?

[root at fserv output]# uname -a
Linux fserv 2.4.18-10 #1 Wed Aug 7 11:39:21 EDT 2002 i686 unknown

Thanks in advance,


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