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On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 12:19:22PM -0500, KWGworkin at wrote:
> When setting up rsync in daemon mode, which side do I put the daemon on?  My 
> environment is as follows:
> One Linux host will house the backup data files for three servers (1 SCO Open 
> Server and 2 Solaris 8).
> I want to know if it is better to:
> 1. setup the daemon on the Linux host and push from the other 3 hosts.
> OR
> 2. setup the daemons on the 3 hosts and have the Linux box pull using rsync.
> Thanks for any help you can provide.

It doesn't really matter as far as rsync is concerned.
The system load, if that is an issue, is on the sender
regardless of the client-server relationship.

What you have to decide is whether to manage three rsync
daemons and one initiator (cron probably) or three
initiators and one rsyncd.

Perhaps more of an issue is the metadata if any.  When i
designed dirvish i decided to pull, rather than push,
because the backup metadata would only be on the backup
server so it was simpler to have the backup server initiate
the backups as an rsync client. If you have no metadata then
i can't think of any overriding reason to pull.

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