case problems with dos/windows based systems.

Peter Tattam peter at
Fri Jan 31 00:22:00 EST 2003

I have asked this before once.  I am getting duplicate file names generated
quite regularly when I am using samba file shares (samba seems to generate
either upper or lower 8.3 case names, and also allows both to exist). 

Basically, the name of a file should match the name of a file at the other end
if they are 8.3 format and are the same when ignoring case.  Long file name
behaviour should be preserved as is.

Is there a patch for rsync which allows for case to be ignored for 8.3 names?

The only way other way I can sort this out is to run a program to clean up the
8.3 file names before trying out the rsync (i.e. convert any 8.3 names to
upper or lower case).


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