problem with option -n and empty directories

Marco Broglia broglia at
Thu Jan 30 03:31:59 EST 2003

I have a problem using option -n (to test if a sync operation will be
done) and I add empty directory in the source tree.

If I make:

  # mkdir source/empty
  # rsync -n -v -a ... source/ dest

rsync does not notes empty dir, but if I remove -n option it synchronize
correctly also the empty dir.

Why ?

I think this is important because, as I do, a command like `rsync -n'
could be inserted in crontab, for example hourly, to check if the source
tree has to be updated.

Please answer directly to me at broglia at

Thank you very much.

% dott. Marco Broglia
% Nsa srl, viale Regina Margherita 81, I-20050 Macherio (MI)
% email: broglia at

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