Incremental transfers: how to tell?

Max Bowsher maxb at
Wed Jan 29 08:44:47 EST 2003

James Kilton wrote:
> To follow up on this... I found the --stats option and
> here's what I'm getting:
> Number of files: 36
> Number of files transferred: 36
> Total file size: 10200816 bytes
> Total transferred file size: 10200816 bytes
> Literal data: 10200816 bytes
> Matched data: 0 bytes
> File list size: 576
> Total bytes written: 10203996
> Total bytes read: 596
> So, I don't know why no parts of the files are
> matching.  The files are the same save for 1 or 2
> values changing every 5 minutes.  I don't know if
> anyone here is familiar with RRD files, but they're
> database files commonly used for SNMP data collection.
>  All the fields are created initially so the file size
> never changes -- the fields are populated as time goes
> on.
> Is RSync unable to do incremental transfers of
> non-text files?

No, it is perfectlty capable of this.

Is is possible that your files are changing in widely scattered places, such
that every block that rsync examines has changed?


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