Securing Rsync

Mike Winfrey Mike at
Wed Jan 29 04:33:27 EST 2003

Thanks to all for your help.  I got it working and am in the process of
refining my configuration to do what I need it to do.  I wish I could
tell you everything I did to get it working but it would be too
confusing.  I finally started over and that's what made everything start

Thanks again,
Mike Winfrey

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Mike Winfrey wrote:
> I have a rsync server set up on a win2k server and a win xp pro 
> computer is my client. It's working very well doing the anonymous 
> transfers. However, I've tried setting up a password file and not 
> having any success.
> rsync.secrets on my rsync server
> user:password
> I run the following command string on my client computer: 
> C:\rsync\rsync.exe -av --delete --password-file=/rsync/rsync.secrets
> "/cygdrive/C/Documents and Settings/All Users"
> "user at server::serverbu/" 
> the password file on my XP machine looks just like the one on the 
> server.

There is your problem, then. From the manpage:

       (The file) should contain just the password as a single line.

> I tried "set rsync_password=password" as well but that doesn't work 
> either.

rsync_password != RSYNC_PASSWORD


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