Cygwin issues: modify-window and hangs

Max Bowsher maxb at
Mon Jan 27 16:39:01 EST 2003

Dave Dykstra wrote:
> This modify-window default of 1 has been causing some trouble on the
> rsync test suite on the Cygwin test machine on  The
> problem is that some files get created and immediately copied within
> one second, and then the rsync code that implements '-p' checks to
> see if the copied file's time is within one second before deciding
> whether or not to change it. The test machine is presumably using an
> NTFS filesystem so it has one second granuarlity.

Yes, noticed this running "make check" last night. However, I also got
random (i.e. re-run the testsuite and get different results) failures of
some other tests. Is this showing up in your test machine?

> Last night I considered 4 possible solutions:
>     1. Change the test suite to always wait 2 seconds before copying,
> at
> the beginning of the "checkit" function.
>     2. Change the test suite to always pass --modify-window=0 to
> rsync by including it in the $RSYNC variable in testsuite/rsync.fns.
>     3. Change the set_perms() function in rsync.c to check for exact
> time rather than calling cmp_modtime.
>     4. Back out the default of --modify-window=1 on cygwin and go
> back to
> a default of 0.
> I implemented solution 1, but I'm not very comfortable with it because
> it slows the tests on all platforms. I'm now leaning toward solution
> 3. Discussion?

How about 4? It seems wrong to penalize NTFS for a FAT problem, especially
as NTFS is now the preferred Windows filesystem.

Unless someone feels like making a FAT-detection patch, the previous status
quo looks to me like the best option.


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