[PATCH] open O_TEXT and O_BINARY for cygwin/windows

Lapo Luchini lapo at lapo.it
Mon Jan 27 09:47:01 EST 2003

Dave Dykstra wrote:

>>What, in particular? I'm not a very good testcase, because I use binary
>>mounts and unix line endings everywhere.
>>It compiles and does syncs with remote rsync daemons, which is my normal
>See if exclude files with DOS line endings work ok for you, and also the
>other config files if you can.
>- Dave
I can test that before releasing cygwin's 2.5.6-1 package, unfortunately 
I have almost *no* free time until after friday (university test on 
thursday ^_^)
Anyway Max is also right, local issues can be resolved locally with much 
speed, even if "in the long run" it's of course better to put them in 
rsync cvs too.

BTW: I wonder if the sleepms(30) is still needed, it's quite a bit of 
time that my "build.samba.org" hourly cron doesn't produce a "hanged 
rsync"... (must check that too)

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