Cygwin issues: modify-window and hangs

Max Bowsher maxb at
Mon Jan 27 08:25:00 EST 2003

Dave Dykstra wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 25, 2003 at 06:32:08PM +0100, Greger Cronquist wrote:
>>  --- Max Bowsher <maxb at> skrev: > Dave Dykstra
>> wrote:
>>> I'm using the current Cygwin release
>>> (rsync-2.5.5-2). That is rsync-2.5.5,
>>> with an added msleep(30) which is intended to deal
>>> with a possible problem
>>> with signals in Cygwin.
>> Making that msleep(100) works even better for me.
> Ah, I found the messages that were discussing this and I see this was
> supposed to prevent hangs at the ends of runs.  I went ahead and put
> an msleep(100) in before the final kill...USR2 in main.c do_recv().

Note that this is something of a kludge, which hasn't fixed the problem in
all cases. I'd say there is an argument for leaving this in the Cygwin
patches, out of the upstream source, until a better solution can be found,
or Cygwin changed to avoid this. However, don't hold 2.5.6 up to discuss
this, and we should probably wait for Lapo Luchini's opinion on this.


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