[PATCH] open O_TEXT and O_BINARY for cygwin/windows

Wayne Davison wayned at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Jan 26 20:08:00 EST 2003

On Sun, Jan 26, 2003 at 08:16:50AM -0800, jw schultz wrote:
> authenticate.c: fd = open(fname,O_RDONLY | O_TEXT);
> 	get_secret() already discards \r
> authenticate.c: if ( (fd=open(filename,O_RDONLY | O_TEXT)) == -1) {
> 	getpassf() treats \r the same as \n

Yeah, these already handle both Mac and PC line endings, so I removed
the O_TEXT bit from these.

> clientserver.c:         FILE *f = fopen(motd,"r" O_TEXT_STR);
> 	simply passes contents of motd file unchanged to client
> 	does it matter if there are \r chars in the file?

I'm trying to imagine what will happen for Mac systems as well.  Since
the default for files is to open them in text mode on a Mac (and they
don't have the Cygwin weirdness of trying to override a binary-mode
mount, right?), then I think you're right here -- the extra \r that
might come from a PC system should hopefully cause no problems (but we
should test this).  In the meantime, I think it would be safe to revert
this change.

> exclude.c:              f = fopen(fname,"r" O_TEXT_STR);
> exclude.c:              f = fdopen(0, "r" O_TEXT_STR);
> 	the file is processed with
> 		while (fgets(line,MAXPATHLEN,f)) {
> 			int l = strlen(line);
> 			if (l && line[l-1] == '\n') l--;
> 			line[l] = 0;
> 	if we add
> 			if (l && line[l-1] == '\r') l--;
> 	after the \n processing that will handle the \r\n case
> 	or we can replace the \n line with
> 			while (l && (line[l-1] == '\n'|| line[l-1] == '\r')) l--;
> 	and this function will be covered.

As long as Mac systems are reading the file in text mode without the
O_TEXT_STR, we should be fine (and I believe that to be the case).

> params.c:  OpenedFile = fopen( FileName, "r" O_TEXT_STR );
> 	since \r is a whitespace character it should be
> 	ignored.

Sounds right (though I haven't verified your analysis).

Since it sounds like the "t" has a potential for problems, I'm taking
these recent changes out and will just put in the one suggested change
to ignore a '\r' at the end of the line.  This should be safer for the
current release.


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