[PATCH] open O_TEXT and O_BINARY for cygwin/windows

jw schultz jw at pegasys.ws
Sun Jan 26 16:17:00 EST 2003

On Sun, Jan 26, 2003 at 09:43:06AM -0500, Green, Paul wrote:
> Ville Herva [mailto:vherva at niksula.hut.fi] wrote:
> > Of course, whether O_TEXT is defined or not does not 
> > necessarily imply the availability of "t", but I
> > can't think of better alternative.
> Stratus VOS implements O_TEXT and O_BINARY but does not recognize "t".  We
> have the options defined in ANS C and in POSIX. I'm at home and don't have
> my reference materials handy, but I think this is going to be a problem for
> us. I can see looking at the code that we will reject the open if we see
> unknown letters.
> Please write a configure test.  Even if we are wrong and we should be
> ignoring it, I have hundreds of machines in the field and it will be years
> before they are upgraded.
> The string concatenation thing is not an issue here.

On the systems where O_TEXT and "rt" have meaning are we
looking at anything other than converting "\r\n" to "\n"?
If not i don't think we need the O_TEXT stuff.

I did a quick survey of where you have the O_TEXT and O_TEXT_STR
and of the one other calls to fopen (logfile).

authenticate.c: fd = open(fname,O_RDONLY | O_TEXT);
	get_secret() already discards \r

authenticate.c: if ( (fd=open(filename,O_RDONLY | O_TEXT)) == -1) {
	getpassf() treats \r the same as \n

clientserver.c:         FILE *f = fopen(motd,"r" O_TEXT_STR);
	simply passes contents of motd file unchanged to client
	does it matter if there are \r chars in the file?

exclude.c:              f = fopen(fname,"r" O_TEXT_STR);
exclude.c:              f = fdopen(0, "r" O_TEXT_STR);
	the file is processed with
		while (fgets(line,MAXPATHLEN,f)) {
			int l = strlen(line);
			if (l && line[l-1] == '\n') l--;
			line[l] = 0;
	if we add
			if (l && line[l-1] == '\r') l--;
	after the \n processing that will handle the \r\n case
	or we can replace the \n line with
			while (l && (line[l-1] == '\n'|| line[l-1] == '\r')) l--;
	and this function will be covered.

params.c:  OpenedFile = fopen( FileName, "r" O_TEXT_STR );
	since \r is a whitespace character it should be

Based on this i don't think we need to worry about O_TEXT or
"rt" mode.  The only place i can imagine we might want text
mode is the log file and i imagine that admins can cope with
EOL issues.

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