[PATCH] open O_TEXT and O_BINARY for cygwin/windows

Green, Paul Paul.Green at stratus.com
Sun Jan 26 14:44:00 EST 2003

Ville Herva [mailto:vherva at niksula.hut.fi] wrote:
> Of course, whether O_TEXT is defined or not does not 
> necessarily imply the availability of "t", but I
> can't think of better alternative.

Stratus VOS implements O_TEXT and O_BINARY but does not recognize "t".  We
have the options defined in ANS C and in POSIX. I'm at home and don't have
my reference materials handy, but I think this is going to be a problem for
us. I can see looking at the code that we will reject the open if we see
unknown letters.

Please write a configure test.  Even if we are wrong and we should be
ignoring it, I have hundreds of machines in the field and it will be years
before they are upgraded.

The string concatenation thing is not an issue here.

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