how to send only the diff ?

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Fri Jan 24 17:52:01 EST 2003

But this is what rsync does by default. Or am I missing something?  
That version is well out of date. Please upgrade to a current version.
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Subject: how to send only the diff ?

I'm trying to do so that rsync does not send a file that exists but is
different on the remote. I want rsync to send only the difference to the
remote. I prefer to send the difference of a 500 MB file than sending the
whole file over.
I use AIX and rsync version 
rsync version 2.4.5  protocol version 24
Oh and my command is :
rsync --stats --progress --delete --partial --timeout=60 --bwlimit=10 -aRtvz
patrick at risc1::test /special
thank you.
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