Resume not working

COFFMAN Steven SCoffman at
Thu Jan 23 21:09:01 EST 2003

    I ran out of disk space while getting ISOs doing:
rsync -Pavz machinename::path/to/directory targetdir
When I deleted some stuff and used the same command to resume, I got an
error (code 12) at io.c (165).
I had to delete the file in order to resume. Later, the connection
simply stopped sending new bytes so I cancelled (Ctrl-C) and attempted
to rsync from a different mirror.
Attempting to resume using the different server gave me a similar error
(code 12) at io.c (177).
I'm using Gentoo Linux with Rsync 2.5.6_pre20021105_r1 on a Pentium II
machine. No proxys or anything weird.
Anyway, I think the program's great as is, but I figured in case this
was somehow vital information that you had been urgently wishing for
which had never been reported, I might as well send a paltry e-mail. My
guess is you know all about it.
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