n00b needing help with rsync + win 9x

Linux Geek linux_geek2002 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 23 20:38:01 EST 2003


my first post here.

i have knoppix linux 3.1 jan 01 release in iso format

i want to update it to jan 20th release.

i installed rsync for win 9x minimalist approach


command i used was :

rsync246 -e ssh -avP

i was able to connect to server, downloaded the
filelist, and it started to update the ISO.

the speed was extremly slow compared to jigdo...it was
taking the same amount of time as to download the
whole cd again.

can anyone plz throw some light on this !!! am i doing
anything wrong ???

also, the size it shows while updating the file is in
bytes or kilobytes ??

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