exclude hell !!!!!

Dave Dykstra dwd at drdykstra.us
Wed Jan 22 02:40:00 EST 2003

On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 02:49:03AM +0100, wim delvaux wrote:
> WHY OH WHY does rsync SEND and CREATE a file called RepositoryPath ALTHOUGH 
> the rsync is called like
> rsync "--exclude=*.bup RepositoryPath" ...
> can ANYBODY explain.

It doesn't happen for me.  Is your "rsync" command actually a shell
script which causes an extra round of substitution?

> ALSO when you specify an exclude list on the server in the rsyncd.conf file 
> and you call rsync with the --delete option WHY DO THE FILES that SHOULD BE 
> EXCLUDED get deleted ??
> Jeeez, what a bummer
> W

I assume you're comying from the server to the client?  From "exclude"
in rsyncd.conf.5:

    This is equivalent to the client specifying these patterns with the
    --exclude option except that the exclude list is not passed to the
    client and thus only apply on the server.

which means that if you do a --delete they are not excluded on the client.
It's as if the files don't exist at all on the server.

- Dave

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