is there a way to make rsync include/exclude options case insensitive?

Faheem Mitha faheem at
Tue Jan 21 20:23:59 EST 2003

Dear People,

A friend asks


For the rsync include/exclude options is there a way to make it
case insensitive?

What I mean is that --exclude
"*.pdf" would exclude "*.PdF" and "*.pdF" as well.

I am looking for something like the -i switch for grep.


I did a check on Google Groups, and found a thread called "RegExpr in
---exclude" back in June 2002, but it seemed inconclusive. It looked
like there was not "native" way to do this in rsync, and one had to
rely on shell trickery, which I am always distrustful of. It looked
(at the time at least) like rsync did not support regular
expressions. Can anyone offer any other ideas or suggestions?

Please cc me if possible with any reply. I'm not subscribed. However,
I can check the list archives later if necessary. Thanks in advance.


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