Please test rsync-2.5.6pre2

Dave Dykstra dwd at
Tue Jan 21 04:21:00 EST 2003

The second rsync-2.5.6 pre-release version is now available at:

There's also a corresponding '.sig' file that contains a gpg signature
of the file; the public key is available on the pgp keyservers.

This is a release candidate.  If no-one reports an urgent fixes within
the next few days, it will probably become version 2.5.6.

Known issues that will probably not get resolved before the release
unless a volunteer provides a solution:
    1.  The NetBSD i386 port is failing the chgrp test.   See build output
    2.  I just noticed that the cygwin chgrp test has timestamps off by
	two seconds.  Maybe --modify-window is supposed to be 1?

Changes since 2.5.5pre1:


    * Set the default value of --modify-window to 2 on Cygwin.  (Max Bowsher)

    * Ignore errors from chmod when -p/-a/--preserve-perms is not set.
      (Dave Dykstra)

    * Fixed the file-name duplicate-removal code when dealing with multiple
      dups in a row. (Wayne Davison)

    * Fixed bug in --copy-unsafe-links that caused it to be completely
      broken.  (Dave Dykstra)

    * Prevent infinite recursion in cleanup code under certain circumstances.
      (Sviatoslav Sviridov)

    * Fixed a bug that prevented rsync from creating intervening directories
      when --relative-paths/-R is set.  (Craig Barratt)


    * Portability fixes. (Dave Dykstra and Wayne Davison)

- Dave Dykstra
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