once again: strange characters

bart.coninckx at sita.be bart.coninckx at sita.be
Mon Jan 20 17:50:01 EST 2003

Hi all,

I'm currently testing the Novell Netware version of Rsync 2.5.5. I use a RH
80 linux client, the Novell server runs the daemon. The Novell server has
850 (=latin1 ?) as codepage and users sometimes create filenames with "odd"
(international) characters in them. These appear to be converted into other
characters or question marks by rsync, or are simply left out. I've had the
same thing while ll doing rsyncs on NT with Cygwin. I've solved it back
then by changing codepages and one registry entry.

Anyone any idea what to do to get this fixed? Just change the codepage on
the linuxbox? Or something additional?

Thx already!

Bart Coninckx
Network Administrator
Sita ICT Services
Lilsedijk 19
B-2340 Beerse

e-mail: bart.coninckx at sita.be
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