rsync-synchronize-tutorial - feedback needed [German]

Gregor Waluga gregor.waluga at
Sun Jan 19 11:02:00 EST 2003


I wrote a simple tutorial on how to synchronize your notebook with the 
desktop-PC over LAN. I described how to install und use rsync. After that I 
mention two scripts which I have written for comfortable synchronisation.
This text is directed to newbies who want to take their work with them. I hope 
that everything is clearly described.

It would be nice if you can take a look at this, because I do not know if 
everything is OK, concerning the rsync-description.
Please drop me a note if there's something wrong. Give me your feedback!
Please note that this text is in German.
You can find it here:

Only if this tutorial is OK, I will release it...

Thanks for your support!

Linux ist kostenlos, Windoofs umsonst...

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