Finished storage compression patch for rsync

Harald Fielker fielker at
Sat Jan 18 15:11:01 EST 2003


i finished my storage compression patch for rsync.


How does this work?

Just add a "-Z" option to your common rsync commandline parameters. The 
destination files will be stored in a compressed way (by using a hardwired 
call of gzip).

This works in both directions:

rsync -Z -av mydir user at remote:/dir


rsync -Z -av user at remote:/dir localdir

The remote:/dir and localdir will keep the files compressed.

If you want to compress or decompress any local directory, add a link to the 
rsync exe file:

ln -s rsync rscompress


ln -s rsync rsuncompress

With "rscompress" you can compress a local directory (e.g. if you want to use 
existing files without wanting to transfer then first from your server). 
rsuncompress will decomress a compressed directory.

I have no idea if this works with: links, devices and any other strange stuff. 
Also make sure if you use rsync over a network connection that there is gzip 
in your $PATH if the destionation side should be saved compressed.
WARNING! I have no idea if the system( "gzip ..." ) call might be a security 

A final advise. This is only for testing ;)

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