I use "PHP" exec function Run rsync, But error......

=?BIG5?B?p8Wx0rvK?= bruce at sdl.com.tw
Fri Jan 17 09:21:02 EST 2003

I use "PHP" exec function Run rsync

exec("/usr/bin/rsync -azrvlHpogDtS --delete --progress --password-
file=/root/rsyncd_db.secrets /home/bruce db at");

but run error

error message: @ERROR: auth failed on module brucebackup

but login linux run form command 

"/usr/bin/rsync -azrvlHpogDtS --delete --progress --password-
file=/root/rsyncd_db.secrets /home/bruce db at"

It is ok....

So... How about to solve problems


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