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I suppose if you wanted a hack, that would work.  I was really looking
at something that could be used on a per module basis in rsyncd.conf or
on the command line.  A commercial rsync competitor, TeamSite
OpenDeploy, has a file mode and a dir mode option.  Even Samba has a
file and dir mode option on a per "module" (or share) basis.  I was a
little suprised that rsync did not have a similar option when it has the
user/group option.

Perhaps I should have said a file mask and directory mask instead of
UMASK.  My primary use of rsync right now is the deployment of web
content from development machines to production machines.  I do not
always have control of the content or when it is deployed, but the
file/dir mask option would be a nice security feature.  Tt would keep
people from deploying files as 666 or directories as 777.

Here is an example of how it could be useful.
A few months ago, I started having problems with file modes when
transferring with rsync (AIX 4.3.3, rsync 2.5.4, rsync --daemon from
inetd).  All of the sudden, rsync would deploy files as 640 instead of
644 like it was doing the day before.  The default umask on the box had
been changed to 027 several months before this point, but rsync had been
deploying files as if the umask was still 022.  Come to find out, the
box had been rebooted the night before; inetd was never restarted when
the umask was changed (and usually is never restarted) and was still
operating with a umask of 022.

Dave Dykstra wrote:
| On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 02:01:30AM -0500, Aaron Morris wrote:
|>I have another small feature suggestion, it should not cause such a stir
|>as the whole "file list" issue (I kind of wish I never said anything
|>about it :) ).
|>What about adding a "UMASK" setting to rsync (for use on the command
|>line and/or perhaps rsyncd.conf)?  I realize that it may be a
|>problem/conflict with -p, but I think it could be a useful feature.
| In what way would it be different than making a 2-line script
|     umask NNN
|     rsync "$@"
| ?
| - Dave

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