specifying a list of files to transfer

Lee Eakin Leakin at dfw.Nostrum.com
Wed Jan 15 03:16:00 EST 2003

FYI, pulling multiple files from a daemon currently supported (well, it
works).  Given a package of foo you can specify:

  rsync -av 'remote::foo/file1 foo/file5' /tmp

It appears the daemon does proper splitting based on either white-space,
or possibly the current value of $IFS in the daemon's environment?

One other note, I did not determine whether it was a Solaris issue, or
string length limit, or file argument limit, but in my tests I could only
specify about 20 files using this method.  When I went over the limit no
files were xfered.

I was testing this a while back (just to see if I could), so I don't
remember the exact limit, but I am fairly sure I experimented with shorter
pathnames and it did not effect the max filenames I could specify.

Oh, yes.  I did not have the same limitation over ssh.  The remote shell
seems to pass any number of filenames to the remote end (of course there
may be limits depending on what login shell is used on the remote server).

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> On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 04:35:40PM -0800, jw schultz wrote:
> > Absolute paths are bad news here.  Especially when dealing with an
> > rsync daemon.
> Yes, this is something that needs to be dealt with for daemon mode since
> it does not appear to have been possible to specify multiple filenames
> to pull before (unlike remote-shell mode).
> For non-daemon mode, the code is the same as it always was in this
> regard.  For example, this command:
>     rsync -av /tmp/one /foo/two /bar/three dest:
> is no different than this command:
>     rsync -av --files-from=list /tmp dest:
> where list contains:
>     one
>     /foo/two
>     /bar/three
> In the patch I posted earlier, daemon mode did not work with the new
> --from-files option.  My latest patch has this fixed:
>     http://www.clari.net/~wayne/rsync-files-from.patch
> And it also runs the filenames through sanitize_path() in daemon mode
> (when chroot is not specified, at least -- I haven't tested a chroot
> version yet).
> ..wayne..
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