Live DB backups with rsync?

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On Tue, 2003-01-14 15:44:26 -0400, Steve Mallett <spaceman at>
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> Is it possible to do live backups of a running DB with rsync???
> I was just talking to & they (only on win boxes) say they 
> can grab changes from a client's live DB & sync them remotely.
> It sounded like BS to me, but I'm neither a DB guy or sync'ing expert.

I think that's BS (or to name it for non-natice english speakers: bull
shit:-). Even if you had somethink like LVM to take a snapshot, the
database will be in some inconsistent state. There are only two (well,
three) sane ways of backing up a DB:

	- Shutdown, then take a backup (or take a LVM snapshot and
	  restart immediately afterwards).
	- Use some backup functionality the database server itself
	- Use a combination of both - some DB servers are IIRC capable
	  of not touching some primary DB files/storage areas for some
	  time but collecting any changes outside


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